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Transport woes to be a thing of the past

Transport woes to be a thing of the past

Transport woes in the capital will soon be a thing of the past as the City of Windhoek is on track with the implementation of the the new Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP).
Head of Bus Operations at the City of Windhoek, Johanna Shikukutu, said that, since the launch of Move Windhoek, the brand for the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan (SUTMP) for the City of Windhoek, 20 of the 26 new buses are already in Windhoek and they expect the remaining six to arrived before the end of January.
“There are just a few preparations such as installation of ticket machines and training of all bus drivers that the City is busy with before the new buses become operational,” said Shikukutu.
She emphasised that they are confident that the preparations to start bus services on the new line (new bus network), are at an advanced stage.
“The new buses will operate on new lines most likely every hour, so that there is a frequent and reliable service,” she explained.
She informed the Economist that the new system might cause confusion when it starts and therefore there is a great need to inform the public about the new frequency and the new routes or lines and different destinations but besides that they expect that it will take time until everything runs smoothly.
“These challenges are normal for any change of this magnitude, but we will try our best to shift towards the new system as smoothly as possible, this will be very exiting because it is the first modern bus network Namibia will have,” she concluded.
The SUTMP will include Rehoboth, Okahandja and Hosea Kutako International Airport and it is aimed to develop an affordable, accessible, attractive and efficient public transport and non-motorised transport system for the next 20 years.

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