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New Electricity Control Board members appointed for four-year term

New Electricity Control Board members appointed for four-year term

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon Tom Alweendo, introduced the new board members of the Electricity Control Board on Wednesday 06 September 2023.

The Board Chair is Ms Evageline Nailenge, assisted by the Deputy Chair, Professor Tjama Tjivikua, The other board members are Mr Mburumba Appolus, Ms Vincia Cloete and Ms Helene Vosloo.

The board is appointed for a term of four years in line with section 5 of the Electricity Act. The terms starts on 08 September 2023 and will conclude on 07 August 2027.

“By accepting this appointment, I am convinced that you will execute your duties diligently and in the utmost good faith. I wish to point out that all of you, as board members, are required to execute your powers and functions as outlined in section 3 of the Act. Moreover, I want to implore you to accomplish the mandate of the ECB together with its Executive Management, by exercising control over the electricity supply industry with the main responsibility of regulating electricity generation, transmission, distribution, supply, import and export in Namibia through setting tariffs and issuance of licenses,” stated the minister when welcoming the new board.

“While doing this, always enforce, good corporate governance. When I say this, I am not directing you to pursue ethical behaviour for its own sake, but because it is a vital plank in nation and industry building. Also, keep in mind that good governance enhances corporate, social and investor confidence especially in such a sensitive industry as the electricity industry,” he continued.

“Without trust [and] confidence we could incite distrust in our systems and structures, and I am sure that a decline in confidence or trust is something none of us want,” he cautioned.

“Lastly, allow me to state that good governance is the codification of sound ethical standards. It covers every aspect of how a company behaves. As a general principle, every decision a company makes and every initiative it institutes must be soundly based not just in the pragmatics of profit but in high ethical standards. As John Bogle said, “the aim of good governance is to prevent self-interest getting out of hand”” the minister concluded.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon Tom Alweendo, on Wednesday welcomed the new members of the Electricity Control Board. Present at the announcement are Ms Evangeline Nailenge (centre), and from the left, Mr Robert Kahimise, the ECB Chief Executive,  Ms Helene Vosloo, Prof Tjama Tjivikua, Mr Mburumba Appolus, Ms Vincia Cloete and Mr Bryan Eiseb of the Bank of Namibia.


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