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Competition to encourage public to pay licenses

Alex Shimuafeni, chief commercial officer of the NBC at the launch of the NBC TV license competition on Thursday, 2 February.The national public broadcaster, NBC has launched an innovative competition aimed at rewarding fully paid-up television license holders, this week.
Alex Shimuafeni, NBC’s chief commercial officer, said the 2012 NBC TV License Competition serves as encouragement to NBC viewers and TV set owners to pay their licenses as well as to keep their TV license payments up to date.
Shimuafeni said: “This incentive is not only a benefit to the NBC, it is also a way of giving back to the valuable customers of the NBC.”
He further enticed the public by stating that new shows will be introduced on NBC.
“We have just brought you the AFCON soccer tournament and please do watch the space as we will introduce two locally produced talk shows and one is even in Afrikaans,” Shimuafeni said.
The competition forms part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at encouraging members of the public to pay their TV licenses and to remain up to date with their payments.
The broadcaster said the payment of TV licenses is critical as the NBC depends on this revenue stream to sustain some of its operations.
“Our huge transmitter network in Namibia requires continuous maintenance and support; not to mention the high-quality programmes the NBC would like to sustain for both television and radio, whilst endeavouring to produce more local content of a high standard,” emphasized Shimuafeni.
The competition is only open to members of the public who have paid their TV license for the period 2011/12 in full but not open to NBC employees and their immediate families.

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