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Minimum basic wage for farm workers increases to N$1820 per month

Minimum basic wage for farm workers increases to N$1820 per month

The Namibia Agricultural Labour Forum (NALF) announced a successful negotiation for an increase in the minimum wage for the agricultural sector, covering both commercial and communal farmland.

According to the new agreement, officially signed on 01 September, the current minimum wage of 2022 will be increased by 10% beginning 01 October.

“A farmworker’s basic wage consists of a cash wage and a rations component. For workers who work 45 hours per week, the minimum cash wage increases to N$6 per hour or N$1170 monthly. The ration allowance increases to N$650 per month for those who do not receive the free rations component. Thus, the value of the minimum basic wage for farmworkers will be N$1820 per month, as from 01 October 2023,” according to an NALF statement.

The Namibia Agricultural Employers’ Association (AEA), the Namibia National Farmers’ Union (NNFU), the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers’ Union (NECFU), and the Namibia Farm Workers’ Union (NAFWU) make up the Namibia Agricultural Labour Forum.

“The above parties want to emphasize that the agricultural minimum wage is merely an entry-level wage intended for young farmworkers without experience. The actual salaries paid to experienced farmworkers are much higher,” NALF stated, adding that they believe most farm workers are better off than general workers in other industries since farmworkers often receive free accommodation, rations, water, electricity, and firewood. They reasoned that workers in other industries spend the “bulk of their salaries” on these commodities.

The parties additionally agreed that future adjustments to the minimum wage in the agricultural sector must be collectively negotiated once a year, to be effected on 01 October of each year to equalize the “negative effects of inflation” on farmworkers’ living conditions.


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