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Medical Benefit Fund awaits minister’s move

As per the Social Security Act 34 of 1994 that provides for the establishment of a social health insurance scheme to be known as the Namibia Medical Benefit Fund (NMBF), the implementation of the fund is set to provide an adequate health safety net for the local workforce.

But a follow up by the Economist of what has taken place so far and what is in the pipeline suggests workers will have to wait.
According to Rino Muranda, Corporate Affairs Officer at that Social Security Commission, the commission has completed the research work on its feasibility and on how to establish a national health insurance for all Namibians including the informal operators and workers. This work was started in 2011.
“Stakeholders consultations have taken place and their input was incorporated in the final research report,” said Muranda.
“In November 2014, the Social Security Commission submitted a Business Case Report on the project to the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation,” he added.
But according to Muranda, feedback from the minister is still awaited before the commission can pave the way for the implementation of the NMBF.
The intended aim of this fund is to provide medical benefits to every employee who is a member of the fund including those from the informal economy.

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