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Rössing Uranium recognised for its commitment to safety

Rössing Uranium recognised for its commitment to safety

The Rössing Uranium mine won the Inter-Mine Safety Competition Award in the country’s operating mines (Division A) category, presented by the Chamber of Mines of Namibia.

The uranium mine scooped the accolade at the two-day Chamber of Mines of Namibia’s Mining Expo and Conference which concluded on Thursday.

Rössing Uranium, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Jacklyn Mwenze accepted the award citing it as a privilege to be recognized for their contribution to the success of creating a safe work environment.

“We all know that great achievements are possible only with the cooperation of many minds sharing a common vision and working toward a common goal,” she said, adding that the teamwork of more than 2000 people working at Rossing allowed them to reach these great heights of excellence in safety performance.

According to Mwenze, the fundamental principles of how they do it can be narrowed down to two things: namely, ownership and partnership with a dash of technological innovation, adding that there are various strategies at Rossing Uranium, on how the mine manages safety, and that there is ‘no silver bullet’.

In terms of safety, Rossing had an excellent year in 2022, as the company recorded an ‘All Injury Frequency Rate’ of 0.43 against the target of 0.48.

Namibia was hosting a Mining Expo and Conference where international and local exhibitors featured under the theme: “Namibia’s Role in the Sustainable Supply of Minerals to Support the Global Energy Transition”.


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