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Global Accelerator Roadmap workshop to propose policy options for breaking the cycle of poverty held

Global Accelerator Roadmap workshop to propose policy options for breaking the cycle of poverty held

A National Validation Workshop of the Global Accelerator Roadmap was held recently, between the United Nations (UN) and the government to propose policy options for breaking the cycle of poverty, income inequality, and high unemployment in the country. The workshop gathered stakeholders from various sectors, including government ministries, unions, civil society, and the private sector.

The UN in a statement on 30 August said the roadmap will be submitted at the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit and outlines plans for a comprehensive National Employment Policy, timely labour market data, and a National Public Works and Service program for temporary employment creation.

“Key sectors vital for Namibia’s economic and social growth include mining, fisheries, tourism, green energy and agriculture,” they added.

They explained that aggressive investment in agriculture, coupled with mandatory minimum wage, has the potential to create thousands of decent sustainable jobs and lift people out of poverty. “The ultimate objective is to assist the government in implementing employment creation strategies, particularly for young people and women,” they said.

The UN said that the expected outcome includes improved social protection access, employment opportunities for vulnerable groups, increased investment in sustainable sectors, better budget alignment, reduced informality, multi-stakeholder committed formation, public-private partnership, youth, and women empowerment programs, data-driven decision-making, the Global Fund for Social Protection, and sustainable financial mechanisms.

“The UN and Namibia are committed to working collaboratively to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on creating a more equitable and prosperous future for all,” concluded the UN.


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