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Hangana Abalone and Food and Allied Workers Union reach agreement after two years of negotiations

Hangana Abalone and Food and Allied Workers Union reach agreement after two years of negotiations

Hangana Abalone and the Namibian Food and Allied Workers Union (NAFAU) signed an agreement on 23 August, ending two years of negotiations. The agreement includes a 13% wage increase for financial years 2023-2024.

Furthermore, the agreement will see the once-off backpay of N$ 2765 per employee for the period 01 July 2022 to 30 June 2023.

“We are proud to have reached this agreement without external mediation, demonstrating our mutual dedication to finding a solution,” stated Jacob Penda, Secretary General of NAFAU, adding that this experience serves as a lesson for all, underlining the importance of early and productive dialogue to prevent future disputes.

Herman Theron, Managing Director of Hangana Abalone, said, “The conclusion of these wage negotiations is a testament to our commitment to our workforce. We recognize that our employees are the heart of our success, and without them, we would not be the Namibian quality product we aspire to be. This process has reinforced the significance of building trust-based relationships between the business and our valued employees.”

Meanwhile, the agreement aligns with Hangana Abalone’s overarching purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life,” and exemplifies the organisation’s dedication to responsible corporate citizenship.

As both parties look ahead, there is a shared determination to focus on sustainable growth and collaboration. “We now shift our focus to building a stronger, more sustainable business,” Herman Theron affirmed. “This agreement is a pivotal step in our journey to create a thriving future for both Hangana Abalone and our dedicated workforce.”

The dispute between the two parties stemmed from wage-related concerns, had reached an impasse,
and was referred to the Office of the Labour Commissioner for intervention. However, due to various complexities and circumstances beyond the control of both Hangana Abalone and NAFAU, the resolution remained elusive.

Shikonjeleni Heita (Manager Employee Relations, Ohlthaver & List), Jacob Penda (NAFAU Secretary General), and Dudley Fourie ( Group Manager: Employee Relations, Ohlthaver & List) Shaking hands on signing the agreement after two years of negotiation.


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