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Japanese volunteers help build capacity at COSDEF and National Theatre

Japanese volunteers help build capacity at COSDEF and National Theatre

Three Japanese volunteers, Ms Ayumi Suzuki, Ms Naoko Harata and Mr Tomohito Moteki arrived in Namibia during March as part of the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer programme, one of Japan’s technical cooperation schemes that sends Japanese citizens to developing countries.

The three volunteers will serve in Namibia under the auspices of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In its first-ever e-newsletter published by the Namibian office of JICA, Country Representative, Shiro Nabeya said that he would like to demonstrate the shining effect of technical cooperation, particularly in human resources.

Nabeya San has been seconded to Namibia in July last year and the JICA e-newsletter is one of his initiatives to raise the profile of the Japanese Government’s involvement in local developmental work.

Volunteers Suzuki and Harata will join the Community Skills Development Foundation (COSDEF) in Swakopmund, working in various outreach programmes to help train Namibians in fashion and fashion design. The two said they are particularly interested to introduce paper pattern techniques, and to help small designers improve their sales.

Volunteer Moteki has joined the National Theatre of Namibia to assist with marketing the theatre’s events and activities.

Nabeya San said Japan’s cooperation with Namibia is by no means large but he believes that Japan can contribute to human resource development, adding that in accordance with the 5th National Development Plan (NDP5), JICA Namibia anticipates continuous support to Namibia.



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