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Never give an excuse for who you are

Barbara Nyathi, a psychologist, businesswomen, wife, cancer survivor and volunteer is not afraid to chase after her dreams.

Barbara Nyathi is a psychologist, a cancer survivor, a volunteer at Philippi Trust Namibia, a wife and a businesswomen. She has a BSc Psychology Degree, a Diploma in child psychology, a Diploma in Marketing and Mediation Certificate from UNITRA and she is running a medical practice with her husband and owns a sushi bar, plus she is working towards opening a boutique.

With all these achievements Nyathi is still inspired by other women who never give up and work hard at achieving their goals and she strongly believes that she can achieve anything she sets her mind on.
“I have decided that I will not be defined by my illness but it will have to adjust to my lifestyle,” emphasised Nyathi.
She has run the Maerua Medical Centre with her husband since 2010 and has opened the Daisho sushi and wine bar in partnership with Ngobamakhosi Mhlanga because they saw potential and a need for more sushi bars. She also owns Scarlett Fashion as she loves fashion and would love to provide an exclusive and personalized retail experience to the ladies of Windhoek. “The start up capital for my businesses was raised through sheer hard work, we never got any loans from any bank and that translates to a great sense of accomplishment,” she said.
She advised women not to be afraid to chase after their dreams and to ask for guidance from those who have walked the path. “And remember you should always be a better version of who you are, never stop reaching for the stars,” she added.
In the future she would like to mentor some aspiring businesswomen into achieving their goals and setting themselves up as businesswomen. “Hopefully one day I would like to open a halfway house for abused women and girls,” said Nyathi, who concluded by advising women to never give an excuse for who they are.

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