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New online digital resource dedicated to oil and gas launched

New online digital resource dedicated to oil and gas launched

An online news website that provides in-depth insights into the oil and gas sector and features interviews with industry players, experts, and stakeholders was recently launched.

Both international and Namibian stakeholders will feature, and it will be a hub for partners to exchange ideas, Maija Shimwino, one of the drivers of the website said in a statement Tuesday.

“Namibia is keen to avoid the resource curse and wants to make sure the nation benefits from its resources and development thereof. This means owning our news and content, leveraging it for our benefit, rather than having an outside news website monetize the information and content,” she added.

According to Shimwino besides bringing news content, the site will also function internationally as a calling card for Namibia.

“International stakeholders can use the website as a ‘resource hub’ when finding out how to invest in Namibia and what job vacancies there are,” she added.

Namibia is experiencing a new oil and gas boom with exploration happening both offshore and inland, while Hyphen Energy is also developing green hydrogen projects.

The website was conceived on the back of all these projects and news emanating from Namibia. Visitors can access the platform at and


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