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Social Security at Okahandja Tourism and Trade Expo

Ms. Cecilia Scheepers: Supervisor Customer Services assisting a prospective Social Security member at the Okahandja expo.

Ms. Cecilia Scheepers: Supervisor Customer Services assisting a prospective Social Security member at the Okahandja expo.

The Social Security Commission has expressed their satisfaction with 6th annual Tourism and Trade Expo recently held at the Okahandja Park sport stadium, as it provided them with an excellent opportunity to obtain opinions from clients and gave them access to customers, both employers and employees.”
The objective of the Tourism and Trade Expo is to expose and market Okahandja town as a tourism and trade hub as well as to provide networking opportunities for local, national and regional businesses to do trade in Okahandja.

According to Castro Tjizoo, the Communication Officer for the Social Security Commission, “Our messages to the employers during the expo included the fact that they must register their employees and pay their contribution timeously. It is the right thing to do. They should also comply with all the provisions of the Social Security Act and make sure that accidents brought about by injury on duty are reported on time without delay while also ensuring that the correct monthly deduction was made from employees’ salaries.  “Further,  it is also prohibited for employers to recover their monthly contribution from the employee’s salary. This is a 50/50 shared contribution from employer and employee respectively.”
Tjizoo said the Okahandja Tourism and Trade expo provided them with an opportunity to assist existing customers, while at the same time educate potential new customers on the services the Commission  offers. During the expo, the Social Security Commission assisted more than 100 customers to provide information and to resolve unsolved issues. The main concern revolved around the issuing of the Social Security cards, as well as possible cash backs for no claims.
According to Tjizoo, the Social Security Commission presented the usual services such as the printing of SSC membership cards, registration of employers and employees, accepting benefit claims, accepting contribution payments for the Maternity, Sick, and Death benefit fund as well as the Employee Compensation Fund (ECF), while updating employee records and handling general customer enquiries.
Tjizoo said the expo was a sophisticated platform for conducting business on a national scale. “To us it is more than just a marketing tool as the entire marketplace is at our fingertips. As a source of market information, exhibitions and shows also fulfill our needs in a centralized way. They provide an excellent opportunity to assess opinions from clients and determine market potential, conduct research and in general bring us closer to our customers, both employers and employees,” he said.

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