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Windhoek water supply at risk, as main dam levels are critically low

Windhoek water supply at risk, as main dam levels are critically low

Windhoek’s water supply is in jeopardy as the levels of Von Bach Dam, a critical water source for the capital city, have reached alarming lows.

During a recent media tour and information session at the Von Bach Treatment Plant in Okahandja, it was disclosed that the dam is currently at a mere 11.3% capacity, holding approximately 5.4 million cubic meters of water.

The current situation is quite risky and it poses a huge threat to the water supply of Windhoek and Okahandja.

Situated just north of Windhoek and 5 kilometres southeast of Okahandja, Von Bach Dam traditionally meets about half of Windhoek’s water demands. However, with its original capacity of 49 million cubic meters dwindling rapidly, authorities are deeply concerned.

Esley Kandorozu, acting manager of NamWater’s Hydrology Division, underscored the severity of the situation in a presentation, stressing the urgent necessity for water demand management strategies.

Without prompt intervention, Kandorozu warned that Von Bach Dam could run dry by early 2025, compounding the existing water crisis.

In response to this looming threat, the City of Windhoek municipality is preparing to roll out a series of initiatives aimed at effectively managing water consumption. These measures are critical not only to guarantee an adequate water supply for residents but also to mitigate the risk of water shortages.

Von Bach Dam, alongside Swakoppoort Dam and Omatako Dam, constitutes a vital component of Windhoek’s water infrastructure.


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