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Walvis Bay to get modern facility for the elderly community

Walvis Bay to get modern facility for the elderly community

The Ministry of Health and Social Services recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Narraville Elderly Home in Walvis Bay, an envisaged modern facility custom-built for the coastal town’s older people.

The proposed development complex would have 58 units, a hall with a fully equipped kitchen, and a medical centre.

Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon Dr Ester Muinjangue, delivered keynote remarks at the event to commemorate the elderly of Narraville and stressed that the home will be a contemporary facility designed specifically for the residents of Walvis Bay.

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon Derek Klazen, Hon Neville Andre, Regional Governor Erongo region, Hon Trevino Forbes, His Worship Mayor of Walvis Bay, Hon Antie Ann Theunissen, Walvis Bay Municipality, were in attendance at the ceremony.

“The Board of Trustees of the Narraville Elderly Home will provide an annual management report to all stakeholders to gradually improve and sustain responsive service delivery to residents. As a result, I anticipate that this construction, which is regarded as a one-of-a-kind development, will provide much-needed shelter and social transformation to Walvis Bay senior citizens,” said Dr Muinjangue, adding that the physical strength, psychology, and behavioural patterns of older people change as they age.

“It is our responsibility to assist elders as they move into old age homes, and at this stage of life, most people require more care and support, as they need a home where they will receive the necessary assistance and care, from meals, housekeeping, medical care, and recreational activities, to maintain their quality of life. The purpose of an old age home is to provide a safe and secure haven for those with nowhere else to go and no one to support them,” she said.

Furthermore, she revealed that the Ministry is at an advanced stage in drafting a National Policy on the Rights, Protection, and Care of Older Persons in Namibia and that this Policy values not only the health of older people but also their intergenerational roles, valuable wisdom, and contribution to our people’s socioeconomic, cultural, and religious lives.

She added: “Once the policy comes into force, I urge all stakeholders to assume their common and shared responsibility, not only to successfully implement the National Policy on the Rights, Protection, and Care of Older Persons in Namibia, but also to make their contribution to addressing pockets of poverty, discrimination, exclusion, neglect, and abuse of older persons that occur in Namibian society from time to time.”

“If your parents are aging or you have an older person living with you, you want to do everything to ensure they’re well taken care of and comfortable. The importance of older person care cannot be understated. A multitude of reasons makes it to the list of reasons why we should care for our elders,” she said.

According to the Deputy Minister, while some studies suggest that anxiety may increase with age, others stress the need for physical and emotional care as one goes into old age. ”To bring comfort and ease in the life of the elders that live with us or need care, you can take the necessary steps and add to their emotional and mental well-being,” she said.


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