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Walvis Bay’s Narraville Extension 8 to yield 225 plots by April

Walvis Bay’s Narraville Extension 8 to yield 225 plots by April

By Adolf Kaure.

The Mayor of Walvis Bay, H.W. Trevino Forbes says that 225 plots will be availed to residents by the Walvis Bay Municipal Council after the land development project in Narraville Extension 8 has been completed in April.

Speaking at the latest Ordinary Council Meeting held at the harbour town on Wednesday 06 March, Forbes said that Council has fast-tracked the provision of the land to its residents. “This shows the Council’s commitment to land delivery for its residents,” he said.

An amount of N$35 million has already been spent on the Narraville Extension land development project.


Meanwhile, Forbes provided an update on Farm 37 and the progress on the boundary expansion for Walvis Bay.

“Currently, those who were allocated plots at Green Valley have started moving. Council is in the process of installing communal water meters while working on providing individual water meters,” he said.

The Mayor stated that one of the major challenges of the Green Valley relocation is the lack of available of transport, especially for school-going children. “This has been resolved temporarily through the assistance of King Charcoal, who will be providing bus services from Green Valley in the mornings to Narraville and Kuisebmond and back again in the afternoon for the school children,” said Forbes.

He confirmed that Council is awaiting ministerial approval for their application for expanding the commons boundary of Walvis Bay, as there is a lack of land for residential land development projects.

“This application is crucial to our town’s growth and development. By expanding our boundaries, we are securing a prosperous future for generations to come,” said the Mayor.


Furthermore, Forbes emphasized Council’s committed to enhancing the cleanliness of the town.

“A clean environment not only improves the quality of life for our residents but also reflects our town’s pride and commitment to sustainability. An amount of N$5 million has been set aside to ensure that the town’s cleanliness is maintained. This includes the provision of wheelie and street bins.”

The Walvis Bay Municipal Council has started to engage the private sector, in assisting with keeping the town clean through cleaning campaigns.

The Mayor of Walvis Bay, H.W. Trevino Forbes delivers his statement during the recent Ordinary Council Meeting. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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