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How to win the war of life

An inspiring leader, Olavi Hangula believes no challenge is too big for his age. Topping his achievements, he now is the Junior SADC Tourism Minister.

An inspiring leader, Olavi Hangula believes no challenge is too big for his age. Topping his achievements, he now is the Junior SADC Tourism Minister.

Taloshili Olavi Hangula, known amongst his friends only as Olavi, is a 16-year old Windhoek Gymnasium student who has accomplished so much for his age.
The young man who started out as a TV presenter for the NBC on the Frenzy Special at the tender age of 14, is now the Junior SADC Tourism Minister. “My biggest inspiration in life is happiness. I am always focused on being involved in making people happy one way or another. My success is nothing without people and satisfying this people is my first objective, that’s why I give in my all in everything I do. Which is why great African Leaders such as His Excellency Hifikepunye Pohamba, former President Dr Sam Nujoma ,Nelson Mandela and Hage Geingob, amongst others, have always been my inspiration. They always made sure that the happiness  of those around them and those they represented was their priority and this is why they are are my role models” Hangula stated.

“I currently hold the title of Junior SADC Tourism Minister. I was appointed by the Regional Tourism body of Southern Africa (RETOSA) in 2013 after I took part in a 1000 word essay and debate competition. I was chosen as the winner amongst six other SADC representatives.
The essay was titled ‘What my country should do to become the best green tourism destination in the world’. Part of his job as Junior Minister is to write articles on Tourism thus promoting southern African tourism around the world, which is also part of what RETOSA does” he explained.
“at 15 I successfully published about ten articles in The Namibian newspaper in the Youth Paper. The same year I was appointed as the Senior Reporter for the NBC’s Children’s News Bulletin. I was later appointed the Mshasho Youth Ambassador, which is now the title I use whilst writing my monthly articles. I also use this opportunity to talk to and inspire the youth all across the nation. I feel the need to abolish ill manners and negativity amongst youths, as we are the leaders of our own future” he stated. Earlier this year he was appointed the Youth Ambassador for the National Youth Council. He promotes and mobilizes for the first ever National Youth Lifestyle Card. The card  comes with a number of youth benefits including a medical aid scheme, discount compatibility and much more. The young man who has never let his age determine the heights he strives for, also runs a business that caters for lovers of music and photography. Olavi Multimedia Investments (OMI) provide services for parties and events in Windhoek and the northern regions of the country. “My age has also always been a challenge but I have never let anyone tell me I am too young but rather I prove them wrong. In life your age does not determine who you are, your maturity does. I plan to become one of the youngest and most successful leaders, just to show the world that age is not exactly what they think it is” he added with a mischievous smile. His message to the youth is to continue dreaming and to dream big. “Never let anyone limit your dreams, you are the only one that determines how far you can go. Your success can be unlimited, but only if your focus is on the productive fruits of life. Forget about the distracting short-lived pleasures of life now and focus on your education, as this is the weapon that will lead you winning the war of life.”

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