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OYO to pay tribute to French singer, Johnny Hallyday

OYO to pay tribute to French singer, Johnny Hallyday

The Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) Dance Troupe and guests will perform a tribute to French Singer, Johnny Hallyday on 4 August at the National Theatre of Namibia.

Jean-Philippe Leo Smet, better known by his stage name Johnny Hallyday, was a French rock’n’roll and pop singer and actor, he had five diamond albums, 40 golden albums, 22 platinum albums, and earned ten Victoires de la Musique, an annual award ceremony in France.

OYO’s Director and Choreographer, Dr. Philippe Talavera said the songs of Johnny speak of rock’n’roll, passion, betrayal, and life in jail.

“Using our physical theatre technique, we will perform 15 of his songs and you do not need to understand French to enjoy his songs. All can enjoy his unique deep voice, his fast tempo, and catching melodies. I know the Namibian public will enjoy his songs, even if he is not known here yet,” he emphasized.

He further explained that the OYO dancers will be joined by guests dancer, Nsimba Faycal and LeClue Job and five of the songs will be performed live by renowned performer Sven-Eric Muller, accompanied by the Hot Pocket Band and a choir of 50 teenagers learning French in school, while Clementine Ruel will join Sven-Eric Muller for a unique rendition of ‘j’ai un problème.

“This will be a massive production, with over 70 performers on stage, between the choir, musicians, lead singers, and dancers. We have been working on it since January and the public can expect a real OYO treat,” said Talavera.

Johnny was hugely popular in France and is often seen as a national monument and a part of the French cultural legacy. He died on 5 December 2017 at the age of 74.


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