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The mind behind Tulinavo Investment Group and Rochus Construction CC.

Tangi Munenguni, the brain of Tulinavo

Tangi Munenguni, the brain of Tulinavo

Tangi Munenguni is a young man who has always been striving to make a difference in the world.
His perseverance and dedication have brought him many challenges and rewards since he started his company Tulinavo Investment Group and Rochus Construction cc. It is a diversified group of companies with business interest in the arena of property development, construction, IT equipment supply and support, waste management and investment consultancy services, just to mention a few.
The company that once had N$750-00 as its starting capital has now worked on multiple projects with Namibia College of Opening Learning (NAMCOL), National Housing Enterprise (NHE)and minor renovations around Windhoek and is currently busy with a project in Kongola in the Zambezi Region, for the supply and erection of a 10km electric fence at the Nambwa Cooperative Farm in the Mashi Conservancy, under the MCA Namibia project entitled Human Wildlife Mitigation in Mudumu North Complex. “

The whole idea came across me in 2011. I decided to incorporate my first company in 2012. I came to a point where I needed to prove that I was destined for greatness. Being a very young man of 23 years, I sat down, set down my goals and objectives. I saw a need and an opportunity in the construction industry. That was when Rochus Construction was created. Later on, I decided to diversify my interest into other ventures, with my business partner Paavo T.N.,” Munenguni explained. “In these few short years I have acquired a lot of skills and learned most of the basic principles of running a company and executing projects. I have learned how to work with people, manage employees and the whole concept of project management. How to make use of time properly, being a project manager on site and behind the office desk. It has also increased my confidence in project execution. You need to be well organised, have the right project management skills and get your funds together. I would like to gain a good reputation and build my brand. To always be known for service delivery beforehand and for integrity purposes,” said Munenguni. The Kwandu, Mayuni and Mashi conservancies are among the five conservancies most affected by Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) in Namibia. Agricultural losses in these conservancies are considerable, and with the high dependence on agriculture in this region, these HWC incidences have detrimental impacts on livelihood in the community. Therefore the reduction of HWC would significantly improve the livelihoods of people in the three target sites. This Human Wildlife Conflict mitigation project is therefore looking at a number of ideas and methods to reduce this HWC threat. Six activities have been identified, which in the long term will not only benefit the target sites, but can be replicated in other areas of the Caprivi. The multiple activity approach of using different ideas and methods will more effectively address the wide spectrum of HWC problems and community challenges in the Mudumu North Complex.
The challenges faced by the Mudumu north complex stems mainly from wildlife destroying homesteads and farm fields of those within this community. The project faces a number of challenges such as electric fencing, low farmer participation, chilli production, lack of production and market opportunities, improving wildlife-specific water points, crocodile-fence locations in high risk areas, training courses which are not attended, new mitigation tools, with community members not using supplies effectively. All these are methods of wildlife-deterring measures. “We have to work together and build our nation. We have all we need to become a great nation. I believe what hinders us is the habit of being spoon-fed. Opportunities are out there, why don’t we make  use of them? Most youths wants to be successful, but they don’t want to labour or sweat for it. My advice is keep working smart, remain vigilant and prayerful. Hard work is synonymous to success,” he concluded.

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