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Old Wheelers Club hits 30

Old Wheelers Club hits 30

It was a display of exquisite vintage automobiles dating right back to the 1920’s at this year’s 30th anniversary of the ‘Day of the Old Wheeler’ held in Windhoek over the previous weekend. Vehicles and motorcycles ranged from the likes of the Buick, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, Toyota, BMW and Dodge to one of the historical classic folding motorcycle called the Corgi Scooter.
As one the longest serving corporate sponsors, Standard Bank’s Vehicle and Asset Finance department has been with the Old Wheelers Club of Namibia since the inception of this event in 2001.
This year, the bank sponsored a total of N$50,000 for the club’s 30th anniversary celebration to assist the club in its mission to preserve the collection of Namibia’s oldest motor vehicles, restore and promote the use of old vehicles. As a premier motor club, Old Wheelers has a total of 528 members.
“The Day of the Old Wheelers has grown tremendously and has become a popular day on Windhoek’s calendar every two years. Standard Bank is our main sponsor for this bi-annual event which is freely open to the public to appreciate the vehicles older than 25 years,” said club chairman Steve Hirst.
This ongoing partnership is mutual as the Old Wheelers members are also active exhibitors at the Auto Show every year. “It is with no doubt that we have a mutual relationship where we both speak about automobiles and we see the need to support the Club in their endeavours as well,” said Standard Bank’s Head of Vehicle and Asset Finance Wim Lötter.
As for the old car enthusiasts who saw the intriguing display of the heritage vehicles, it was indeed a spectacle to remember. “It really reminds me of the good old days, says Father Altes who came to show his children Joah and Mija the antique red and black ‘Buick’ vehicle of 1947. Another vintage car enthusiast Heini Bayer was proud to be show off his family’s oldest car the Honda Balade dating back to 1983 and Winfried von Martelo was all too eager to talk about the Goggomobil 250 cc, a BMW Isetta, a car he says was used by the war veterans after World War II without a driver’s licence.
In the near future, the Old Wheelers Club of Namibia plans to establish a second building phase of their National Motoring Museum.

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