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Honda Jazz Hybrid

Honda’s newest Hybrid, the 2012 Hybrid Jazz has hit the Namibian market and is striving to sell as smoothly as the rest of Honda’s range.
The Jazz Hybrid like any other Hybrid range delivers low emissions and an improved fuel economy because of the unique technology of the 100V batteries in the boot which enable the car to run on the battery and on fuel.
According to Thea Maresch, Dealer Principle at Honda, “Namibians are very conservative towards Hybrids” as they are not used to them therefore demand for hybrids is not high. Maresch told the Economist that the Jazz Hybrid is owned by only one person in Windhoek so far. Hybrids are only ordered by the dealer after a firm commitment from a prospective buyer.
Spacious and versatile on the inside, with 4 passenger seats, the Jazz allows the driver to create more space by simply folding them down.
The Jazz is a 1.3 integrated motor assist Hybrid combining the petrol engine with an electric motor offering an exceptional fuel efficiency of up to 4.4L per 100km along with a CO2 emission of only 105g per km.
The Jazz moves on a fuel tank of 40L and 15” alloy wheels all at the amazing price of N$ 222,000 with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty.

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