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FAO assistance to improve governance and support services of the agriculture unions

FAO assistance to improve governance and support services of the agriculture unions

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in partnership with the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) on Monday launched a project to improve governance and support services to its members, government, and other stakeholders.

As part of the partnership, the FAO is tasked with providing both technical and financial support towards the union’s constitution review process, which will also include the formulation of various constitutions for its affiliates that consists of 14 regional farmers unions and over 130 farmer association, FAO assistant representative Ferdinard Mwapopi said at the launch in Windhoek.

“This partnership is motivated by the meaningful impact that organizations such as NNFU are making in the lives of Namibians, most especially rural farming communities,” he said, adding that FAO carries the mandate to lead international efforts to defeat hunger.

According to Mwapopi FAO’s work in rural transformation aims to unlock the development potential of rural institutions, reduce inequalities, promote inclusivity, and contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of rural women and youth.

“This positions FAO as a competent and relevant stakeholder in the design of policies and inclusive governance systems capable of improving food security and nutrition levels and providing sustainable solutions to communities, He said.

Speaking at the launch NNFU’s acting president, Amon Kapi said that the NNFU and its affiliates in the past have faced numerous challenges because the existing policies and guidelines do not adequately address governance and structural issues.

“The project will provide much-needed development and review of NNFU policies and guidelines including training and support to Regional Farmers Union, Farmers Associations, and the NNFU leaders,” Kapi stressed.

Furthermore, the project intends to support the governance structure of NNFU from the bottom to the top. “This is necessary not only to strengthen the governance but also to keep up with the changing environment,” he said.

The NNFU is a key stakeholder in Namibia’s agriculture sector, with the primary goal of organizing and uniting farmers in the best interests of the agriculture industry.

Back left to right (Ms Mbapeua Karutjaiva – Project Assistant(FAO), Mr Kuniberth Shamathe Chief Executive Officer (NNFU), Mr Eugene Kanguatjivi – National Project Coordinator (FAO). Front left to right (Mr Amon Kapi – Acting President (NNFU), Mr Ferdinard Mwapopi – Assistant FAO Representative, Programme, FAO Namibia, Ms Patricia Gurubes – Board Member (NNFU).


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