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Permaculture gardening developing in the country

Permaculture gardening developing in the country

At a just ended two day course hosted by Eco Living Namibia in Windhoek, Fabian von Hase is helping Khomas Hochland residents grow more food through Permaculture Vegetable Gardening.

The Permaculture garden is a lot more than an organic garden. The intelligent design uses free, sustainable energies and resources.

The course was the first practical application of permaculture to Eco Living Namibia’s gardens and participants in two groups of 13 individuals spent two days learning very intensively about how Eco Living Namibia uses permaculture to grow vegetable, herb and fruit gardens despite the harsh local climate.

Fabian took everyone on a tour de force through growing an abundant garden in a small space, with little water, despite the hot and dry climate.

According to Fabian the course was a success as more households that had attempted home gardens earlier, at the end of the course now attained the knowledge and the basics skills of placing gardens according to the permaculture concept of zones.

Fabion said the journey started last year with courses on composting, soil care, pest and weed management and now the successful two-day Introduction to Permaculture Course.

“The Permaculture Vegetable Gardening Course was the exciting continuation of this journey and will soon continue with further practical permaculture gardening courses,” he added.

Valuable skills were also conveyed in the garden walk designed towards discovering appropriate plants for Windhoek’s dry climate and in the actual building of a small garden, replete with medicinal and culinary herbs and diverse winter crops.

“We will further look at wicking beds, sunken trees, how to create a beneficial micro climate and designing an abundant toxin-free garden.” Fabian said, all of the imparted gardening skills are grounded in theory and common practices.

One participant put said, “it’s great to experience first-hand that growing food is actually possible in Namibia; I always thought it’s not possible, but now my eyes have been opened”.

As another participant said in the final feedback round of the course said, “This course has been wonderful for me.”

Fabian said that not only does the course help in committing their weekend to progressing in the garden and equipping themselves with the skills needed but also makes their life healthier and more sustainable.

“Thanks to active engagement by the passionate participants we could delve deep into the daily problems facing gardeners in Namibia such as poor soils and pest challenges,” he added.
Meanwhile, many participants said that the knowledge imparted by Fabian is so valuable to go home with and practise and they now look forward to other up-coming courses.

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