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Main road between Rosh Pinah and Oranjemund temporarily closed – Roads Authority

Main road between Rosh Pinah and Oranjemund temporarily closed – Roads Authority

The Roads Authority (RA) this week on Tuesday announced the temporary closure of the Main Road (MR118) between Rosh Pinah and Oranjemund with immediate effect until further notice.

As a result, the RA conveyed that as a precautionary measure, access on this route will be provided to emergency services vehicles only if water levels allow so.

However, the RA said it is currently engaging Namdeb for an alternative route, and once confirmed, it will communicate details of the temporary alternative route to the public.

In a media statement released, RA’s Corporate Communications Manager, Hileni Fillemon, urged the public to exercise the highest degree of caution when travelling during the rainy season.

“If a road is flooded, we advise that you choose another route and do not attempt to drive through it. Water on flooded roads may be deeper than it appears,” she said.

She also pointed out that their maintenance teams in the regions are on standby to repair road damage. In a case where a road cannot be repaired immediately, the RA will make provision for a temporary bypass/access road or offer an alternative route, Fillemon added.

For safety reasons, only emergency services vehicles will be allowed on the route during the closure period. The RA would like to thank all the affected stakeholders/motorists for their cooperation and patience during this period, according to the RA’s spokesperson.

“An update will be provided on all the relevant media platforms when the road has been reopened.”


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