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Funeral Cover, wellbeing, and so much more with the Sanlam Extra programme

Funeral Cover, wellbeing, and so much more with the Sanlam Extra programme

“With the needs of our clients in mind, Sanlam is committed to do more to help, not only during times of bereavement when a family member has died, but also during your day to day life, while you are still alive,” said the Life Insurer’s, Marketing and Communications Manager, Laurencia Prinzonsky.

With this in mind, Sanlam Extra was born, “a programme that not only benefits the beneficiaries.”

Sanlam Extra offers through its PRESTIGE Funeral plan, benefits such as funeral cover, a hospital cash benefit, retrenchment cover and various covers in circumstances where one is involved in an accident.

To ensure that the policyholders also benefit while the insured is still alive, Sanlam has now added a rewards programme. This was undertaken after extensive research and enquiry to determine benefits that offer value to the policyholders and take their needs into consideration. The rewards programme was designed around feedback from the customers. “With groceries and food, household goods, furniture and electronics, healthcare, education, airtime, stationary as well as transport consuming the largest portion of our customers’ monthly budgets, we used this as the focus of the rewards programme,” said Laurencia.

“At its core, the policy provides clients conventional insurance benefits and adds many Extra non-insurance benefits. The programme saves our clients money, assists them in times of need and provides them with access to healthcare guidance and advice that they might not otherwise have had access to.”

In the first two months of the programme, Sanlam has distributed N$125,000 in rewards to their Prestige Funeral Plan clients ranging from grocery and school uniform vouchers, to vouchers for household goods and airtime.

Wellbeing for the family:

Another big focus of the programme is Sanlam clients’ wellbeing, including access to medical services. The programme offers all members access to 24-hour medical services. Clients can phone a toll-free helpline for medical advice at any time.

“Imagine it is the middle of the night and your child is sick, you do not have a car and you are far from a hospital. If you are a Sanlam Extra member, you can phone the helpline and a medically-trained consultant will help you assess the symptoms, and provide you with a home remedy if possible.”

If the condition is serious, the helpline can send emergency medical services to the client at no cost to the client. They’ll help the client monitor the situation until paramedics arrive and even offer telephonic trauma counselling or debriefing.

All members also get four free tele-doctor consultations a year. Suppose a Sanlam Extra member gets sick. Usually this would mean they need to take off from work to go to a clinic, where it may take some time before they can see a doctor. This is not ideal if they are not feeling well or if they cannot get time off work. In this instance, the member of Sanlam Extra can now schedule a teleconsultation with a doctor in the comfort of their home.

With the programme continuously evolving, Sanlam looks forward to keep expanding the value the company adds for its clients to help them live confidently.

For more information about Sanlam Extra, speak to a Sanlam financial adviser or an accredited broker.


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