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Erongo Governor urges all stakeholders to take ownership to restore quality education

Erongo Governor urges all stakeholders to take ownership to restore quality education

By Adolf Kaure.

The Erongo’s Governor, Neville André reminded community members that everyone has a role to play in ensuring that quality education is realised in the region.

The governor urged trade unions to fight for the rights of teachers and learners, saying that they are key stakeholders who complement the government’s efforts in ensuring quality and accessible education.

“We have the trade unions, who are fighting for teachers’ rights, such as NANTU (Namibia National Teachers’ Union), then we have the students, who are representing the learners, such as NANSO (Namibia National Students’ Organisation),” said André as he gave his remarks during the recent regional stakeholders’ consultative conference which concluded last Friday in Swakopmund.

The regional governor further highlighted the importance of education not only being the responsibility of teachers.

“Education is not only a teacher’s responsibility, but a societal responsibility. Therefore, any blame game will not take us further, but planning together and implementing together as well as playing an active role in the education sector will undoubtedly contribute to improved discipline, a good pass rate and making sure that we develop learners for the future of the country.”

“The Erongo Region is the region of excellence. It derived this theme from its excellent educational performances and it is a far cry from the downward trend as witnessed with these results. We therefore need to work as a team to ensure we bring the glorious results back,” he said.

André also called parents to lead by example. “Parents shape and nurture their children at home to be disciplined, to do homework and make sure that they give the necessary discipline to the teachers at school. A parent’s role in the education of children is therefore very critical. They are important in teaching good values to our children such as honesty, self-respect, respect for others, kindness, punctuality, trustworthiness, to be responsible, compassion, integrity, humbleness, confidence, committed and tolerant,” said André.

The consultative meeting was attended by various stakeholders from the Directorate of Education in the Erongo Region to find lasting solutions for education in the region.


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