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Katuka Mentorship Impactful

Katuka Mentorship Impactful

By Ailly Hangula-Paulino.

On Wednesday, 07 February 2024, the Katuka Mentorship Programme, proudly sponsored by Bank Windhoek, held its Official orientation at Capricorn Corner in the Capital.

For more than 20 years, the programme has empowered and encouraged entrepreneurs, business and professional women to achieve success in their careers through mentorship by seasoned business and professional women. It is a method of advancement which provides support and training through relationship building and networking.

Addressing the participants, Programme Director, Desere Lundon-Muller emphasised; “Be authentic. Share your challenges as well as your triumphs. Get to know your mentee’s career aspirations, suggest courses or conferences for them to pursue/attend, introduce them to industry players, and be a sounding board for their ideas”.

Take for example last year, Naemi Ekandjo stood up to address her peers at the graduation ceremony. Though nervous, she delivered an emotional, impactful, and memorable tribute to her mentor. She had finally crawled out of her skin, found her purpose, and begun living her authentic self in most aspects of her life, her career included.

On behalf of the sponsor, Ms Hayley Allen delivered an inspirational message drawing similarity from the poem “No man is an island entire unto itself, each man is a piece on the continent, part of the main”, by John Donne. She went on to say that Bank Windhoek is a conduit, a true relationship bank for young women and their dreams to deliver genuine value for Namibians and their future.

Celebrating its 23 years of existence, the participants this year are women – 22 mentees and 21 mentors from different industries. In total, approximately 500 women participated since the programme was established by the Visionary, the late Lena Markus in 2001.

The Presidential Advisor, Ms Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi, is the Patron.


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