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Witvlei claims Woolworths contract

South Africa’s Woolworths Group provisionally approved Witvlei Meat to supply redmeat following a visit to Witvlei abattoir and various producers earlier this month. Witvlei made the announcement in a statement on Tuesday.
Currently, Witvlei Meat is producing at full capacity and also announced an additional premium of 50 cent per kilogram above the announced daily price, to all producers that qualify to supply for the Woolworths free-range label. Producers must conform to strict requirements to supply to Woolworths.
Hendri Badenhorst, Managing Director of Witvlei Meat gave the Economist an overview of the basic requirements to qualify to supply meat for the Woolworths contract. “All animals up to 6 permanent teeth will qualify for the Woolworths premium, provided the free-range requirements are met in terms of product, farming conditions, feed and water, animal health, accommodation camps, transport from the farm to the abattoir, traceability and process audit requirements,” said Badenhorst.

He elaborated, “The point of grading in the slaughter line will determine if approved for Woolworths or not. Any penalisation will mean the farmer will get a 50 cent premium but not the additional 50 cent Woolworth premium. Witvlei Meat will utilise its full slaughtering capacity to accommodate all interested suppliers. In essence, producers will get an extra dollar should the quality meet Woolworths standards.”
“Producers are not expected to be restricted in any way in terms of quota but bookings will however be taken on a first come first serve basis. Witvlei Meat will also not be subject to a quota from the Woolworths Group,” added Badenhorst. Witvlei Meat is in the process of negotiating with the upmarket retailer that all Namibian beef to Woolworths will be branded Product of Namibia.

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