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Hundredth of a second exhibition now open

The photographic exhibition “every one hundredth of a second” by John Liebenberg and Tony Figueira is open for public viewing. The exhibition was opened at Omba Gallery by Prof Andre du Pisani.
The collaboration between these two photographic artist and their exploration of the potential vested in photojournalism, offers a rich visual current of events that impacted on the dreams, hopes and lives of millions of people in southern Africa.
Prof du Pisani said that it would be too easy, tempting and undeserving to speak of the two as only photojournalists or documentary photographers at work, because they are significantly more than that.

Their work reflects social and power relations, turbulent and often violent transformations, transitions with uncertain outcomes and the visual currency and visual scape of southern Africa and beyond.
Prof du Pisani said their stark and often disturbing imagery and their codes have a redemptive quality and they form part of our universal history and cultural identity, which has to be continuously researched, examined and re-examined to advance knowledge and deepen human understanding.
“Truly great photographers like John Liebenberg and Tony Figueira are always cosmopolitan, perfectly indistinct in the configuration of their identities, they do not fall under any racialist, religious, nationalist or more generally cultural predicates”, said du Pisani.
“The power of photography is great and can indeed explore the inner lineaments of our world and of our collective consciousness and capturing the imperiled beauty of the world we populate.”

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