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Rare and Collectable: Trudi Dicks exhibits her unconventional prints

Rare and Collectable: Trudi Dicks exhibits her unconventional prints

Celebrated yet unconventional Namibian artist, Trudi Dicks brings a selection of her most striking prints to the Windhoek audience in an exhibition that will run to early December. The exhibition was officially opened this week with a celebratory cocktail on Thursday.
Trudi’s exhibition Rare & Collectable, on view at the Village Opera House in Windhoek, displays rare and previously un-exhibited artworks by the well-known and very active Namibian printmaker, denoting different stages of her creative practice from the early 1990s to the present.
This prolific and energetic artist obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the University of South Africa in 1986. Her work has been exhibited widely in southern Africa, as well as in Scotland, Spain, France, Germany Norway, Slovenia and the USA. Through her dynamic and spirited practice, her work has over the last 40 years become a valuable contribution to the Namibian art scene.
Throughout her artistic career, Trudi Dicks has explored the possibilities of printmaking in the local context. Her early work takes inspiration from the political and social climate within Namibian society and reflects everyday personal experiences and impressions.
Her artistic practice has shifted focus in more recent years to a precise and careful investigation of structures and patterns found in the Namibian semi-desert flora. The result is a unique study of the rich local environment. Her experimental approach to printmaking, which in recent years became enhanced through combining traditional techniques with unconventional materials, reflects her continuous creative resourcefulness.
With a great sense of humour and sensitivity for minute detail, the artist presents a unique and vibrant perspective on the ever-changing dynamics of Namibia. This exhibition is an opportunity for collectors to acquire a rare piece by this exceptional artist as an investment, or simply to purchase a beautiful artwork for a private or corporate collection. Trudi’s exhibition is hosted by the Arts Association Heritage Trust in collaboration with The Village Boardroom Management.


5 November to 6 December 2015 at The Village Opera House, 18 Liliencron Street, Eros

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