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Delush Wines seals deal with Boss Madam brand

Delush Wines seals deal with Boss Madam brand

Brockmann and Kriess along with Orange River Cellars, through its more popularly known brand Delush Wines, welcomed the BossMadam brand to their portfolio.

Sathy Thambapilai, Trade Marketing Manager at Brockmann and Kriess, applauded entertainer, Sally Boss-Madam and Poiyah Media, her strategic marketing team, for successfully guarding the BossMadam brand.

“The BossMadam brand has become a household name in Namibia and beyond borders. Her brand has been added to our Delush portfolio and her main responsibilities would be to associate our company aims to another level with her following. As social media continues to become the trend, our organization needs to be relevant with those who have influence in Namibia and beyond. Marketing and sound public relations are key to any endorsement and she checks all of those boxes to allow us at Brockmann & Kriess to tap into her target audience,” Thambapilai said.

Sally who holds a great reputation having served as brand ambassador for Sanlam and Multichoice Namibia, said that with such endorsements, her work becomes easier.

“I no longer have to worry about funding but can focus on crafting my music and have a peace of mind knowing that the projects are catered through corporates as such. At the same time, my work opens a new opportunity for corporates to resonate with my audience. This partnership will reveal itself and I would not like to indulge on the next collaborations. As part of my partnership with Poiyah Media, they have allowed my needs to stand out and set BossMadam’s terms and conditions. Being a mother, a wife and a role model my association with this brand will always resonate responsible drinking and behaviour. Therefore, for my upcoming Women Crush Wednesday, sponsored by Delush, we will promote the guidelines of having fun, in a responsible manner,” Sally said.

Founder of Poiyah Media, Ilke Platt-Akwenye confirmed that through their expertise of understanding corporate focus areas, requirements and trust, this is one of the many deals that will help businesswomen and men, use their talent and operate on a larger scale.

“Poiyah Media will safe-guard her reputation thus securing corporate trust. This still remains a challenge in our industry, but we thank corporates such as Brockmann & Kriess and ask other corporates to follow suite and give young business personalities that chance,” Platt-Akwenye said.

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