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Fresh new ‘wheels’ donated to help curb violence in the communities

Fresh new ‘wheels’ donated to help curb violence in the communities

The Capricorn Foundation donated a vehicle for the Response Action Based Organisation, to help curb the incidents of social ills like violence, neglect, abuse, and suicide attempts as they continue to spiral out of control in the communities.

The Response Action Based Organisation responds to calls on various incidents in all areas of Windhoek and supports those involved to get the correct assistance.

The safe and reliable bakkie will allow the organisation to respond swiftly to reported cases in all areas of Windhoek (especially hard-to-reach locations) and rescue victims. The organisation will further ensure that those suffering from gender-based violence have access to and receive the necessary services.

According to a statement, the project was born out of the need within the community of Windhoek for speedy and effective intervention when incidences of domestic violence, neglect, or abuse occur. Like a first responder service, the organisation steps in when incidences occur offers medication, rescues victims, transports them to hospitals, and further referrals to necessary service providers such as social workers.

The project was introduced to the Capricorn Foundation through its CSR partner Imago Dei and has so far assisted 1,686 individuals during the period 1 April 2021 to 28 February 2022, and the positive impact they make extends to the families of these individuals and the community in general.

“This vehicle is not my vehicle, but it is for the community, and it will be put to proper use by the community and police. It is about working together to save a child or person under threat,” Zackary Inedu Itodo, Founder of Response Action Based Organisation.

Zackary further encouraged public members to report incidents on time by reaching out to the Response Action Based Organisation on 0853963963, so that the necessary interventions, transportation, and referrals are offered before lives are lost.

Response Action Based Organisation, which received insurance support for the vehicle from Santam, also advocates for preventing violent behaviour among the public through vigorous public awareness campaigns against different types of violence in the communities, on the radio, and at schools. In addition, they work very closely with Government service providers such as social workers and the police, building their network daily.

“As a Connector of Positive Change, the Capricorn Foundation is proud to have enabled Response Action Based Organisation to carry out its mandate and support the curb of violence in our communities,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.


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