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TECNO commits to safe mobile experience for all African users

TECNO commits to safe mobile experience for all African users

TECNO Security Response Center (SRC) recently reaffirmed its dedication to cybersecurity at the Cyber Starters Conference 2022 as its only esteemed Gold Sponsor.

This marks its first sponsorship of Africa’s largest annual cybersecurity event for beginners since its establishment last year.

Organised by cybersecurity platform Diary of Hackers and its team of volunteers, the conference took place at the Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja. A watch party was held concurrently over Zoom at Wennovation Hub, Victoria Island, Lagos.

More than 700 attendees had the opportunity to connect with cybersecurity professionals and learn from their expertise during lightning talks and panel discussions tailored to support individuals interested in breaking into the cybersecurity industry.

“This conference has empowered many passionate individuals who want to make a difference in Africa’s cybersecurity scene. As our cybersecurity community grows in size and expertise, we can expect a massive ripple effect of the conference throughout Nigeria and the rest of Africa,” the Diary of Hackers representative remarked on the significance of the event.

Nigerian cybersecurity professionals can submit security vulnerabilities through TECNO SRC. Their contributions will build on its extensive bug bounty program, promoting a higher level of product security among African users.

Besides working with experts, TECNO SRC supports Nigerian universities in cultivating cybersecurity talent. Such partnerships are integral in developing a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem in Africa today and for future generations.

“As digital crimes become more sophisticated, TECNO wants to empower every African smartphone user to navigate cyber threats effectively. We look forward to working even more closely with white hat professionals and enthusiasts to strengthen the African cybersecurity landscape and achieve greater milestones in safeguarding our African users,” the TECNO SRC representative stated.

Established in 2021, TECNO SRC is a platform for cooperation and exchanges between TECNO and security industry experts, researchers, and organisations. TECNO SRC aims to cooperate with vulnerability public testing platforms worldwide and offer its users in over 70 markets the ultimate secure mobile experience.


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