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Women come together to share stories and engage at Old Mutual’s 12th Women’s Summit

Women come together to share stories and engage at Old Mutual’s 12th Women’s Summit

Old Mutual Namibia hosted its 12th annual Women’s Summit in Swakopmund over the weekend under the theme; “Securing your Financial Future”.

The summit attracted over 140 women and Nicolette Mashile, renowned South African broadcaster, and best-selling author of “What’s your move,” headlined the event alongside local speakers, Colette Rieckert, Hermien Elago, and Afra Schimming-Chase.

During the summit, the speakers focused on how they had overcome various adversities and life events that enabled them to be the people they are today. Elago spoke about how your health is your wealth and the importance it plays to your total wellbeing. Rieckert touched on how her desire to provide better education opportunities for her children led to her embarking on a journey to build the Windhoek Gymnasium Private School. Schimming-Chase highlighted how as an individual you are your most important creditor.

Mashile touched on how her early years as a young girl had played a significant role in her financial journey. One of the things she provided the women in attendance with, was the knowledge that each one of them has an opportunity to rewrite their financial path provided they are willing to do the work.

Patricia Olivier, the Managing Director of Old Mutual’s Corporate Segment emphasized that “Old Mutual Namibia focuses on capacity building and empowerment through the Old Mutual Women’s Summit which has been a mainstay on Namibia’s annual women’s empowerment agenda since 2011. This is an example of our continuous commitment towards actively raising women’s empowerment and leadership”.

Olivier further added that despite important gains in women’s advancement and empowerment, the 12th edition of the summit offered an opportunity for transformation and evolution to create an inclusive women summit tailored for women from all social classes. “This is to ensure empowerment that can create a full circle effect in our communities”.

Ashante Manetti, Old Mutual Marketing and Communications Acting Executive said that through the Old Mutual Women’s Summit, Old Mutual has been able to reach over 5 000 women to date with an investment valued at close to N$5 million.

“With the extensive and heartfelt conversations held during this summit, I am encouraged to say that we all had a captivating and valuable experience that will not only end here,” Manetti said.

The event saw women come together to share their stories and engage with the four renowned speakers on ways they can become more financially independent and secure. For those that missed the summit on Old Mutual Namibia’s social media pages, it is still available on their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Nicolette Mashile answered a question posed by Mavis Elias from the Audience during the Old Mutual Women’s Summit.


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