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More medical equipment for health ministry from Support Ulm e.V. via Ohorongo Cement

More medical equipment for health ministry from Support Ulm e.V. via Ohorongo Cement

Ohorongo Cement has made yet another very substantial donation of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, with the support of the German charity, Support Ulm e.V.

The donation was presented by Mr. Rudolf Coetzee, the General Administration Manager of Ohorongo Cement, to the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon Dr Esther Muinjangue, on Friday 24 June 2022.

Support Ulm e.V., is a non-profit organization based in Ulm, Germany, under the management and guidance of Prof Dr Heinz Maier. Friday’s donation comes to just over N$1.8 million in value. Since Support Ulm e.V. established a partnership with Ohorongo Cement in Namibia, the charity has sent medical goods worth nearly N$60 million to the ministry.

Support Ulm e.V. was established by a group of medical doctors who made it their aim to support medical projects throughout the world. They support various projects by means of financial and humanitarian means as well as through donations. This donation comprises 59 hospital beds and mattresses, 20 bedside tables, an operating table and various other items.

“I am happy to confirm that since 2009, we have spent over N$71.8 million supporting a whole number of social projects, and out of this, thanks to Support Ulm e.V., more than N$59.2 million was on medical supplies and equipment,” said Coetzee at the handover ceremony.

Deputy Minister Muinjangue conveyed the government’s gratitude, saying that these donations of medical equipment have always come at a very crucial time when the entire world faces economic hardship.

Emphasising that health care should be global, the Deputy Minister said the donations are a solid testimony of international collective solidarity.

Present at a donation ceremony between Ohorongo Cement and the Ministry of Health and Social Services, are from the left, Mr Jeremiah Nghipundjwa, the ministry’s Deputy Executive Director, the minister, Hon Dr Esther Muinjangue, Mr Rudolf Coetzee of Ohorongo Cement and Mr Johannes !Gaeseb, the ministry’s Director of Tertiary Health and Clinical Support Services.


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