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Zoé Titus becomes first African woman to chair the Global Forum for Media Development

Zoé Titus becomes first African woman to chair the Global Forum for Media Development

The Director at The Namibia Media Trust (NMT), Zoé Titus has been elected Chairperson of the Global Forum for Media Development (GRMD).

Titus was elected on 30 September, during the GFMD’s General Assembly held in Tirana, Albania.

Titus will be the first African woman to head the GFMD Executive Committee and will do so for the next 4 years.

Titus said Africa’s representation is very strong in terms of knowledge and depth and this opportunity provides them with a unique platform through which they can promote a greater understanding of the continent for the need to support a vibrant and sustainable media sector in the interest of democracy.

“I am truly overwhelmed by the good wishes from colleagues and peers, my tenure will be one marked with services to the GFMD membership and the media development community at large,” she added.

Titus strongly believes that diversity, equity and inclusivity is paramount for the attainment of a just society.

“We really need to consider underrepresented communities, such as people living with physical challenges or mental health issues, women, youth and LGBTQIA+ communities, when advocating for the sustainability of the media as a public interest, the safety of journalists, free expression as well as digital rights,” she emphasized.

Chairperson of NMT Gwen Lister said they are deeply proud of her achievement, particularly for helping put NMT Foundation right in the centre of the international media spotlight.

“We are confident that she will bring a wealth of knowledge to her new position at the GFMD,” she stated.

Titus also extended her compliments and well wishes to her other 16 colleagues also elected to GFMD’s Steering Committee to represent the network’s geographical and topical diversity. She was particularly delighted by the selection of fellow continental colleagues Vusumuzi Sifile, the Executive Director of Panos Institution Southern Africa from Zambia and committee member from Sub-Saharan Africa, Tabani Moyo, the acting regional director of the Media Institute in Southern Africa (MISA), who was elected as a topical and policy member.

The GFMD is an international network of journalism support and media development organizations intent on securing a sustainable future for journalism as a public good.


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