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City Police and UNAM SRC come together to find solutions for student safety

City Police and UNAM SRC come together to find solutions for student safety

The University of Namibia (UNAM), members of the Windhoek City Police, the UNAM Security team and the Student Representative Council (SRC) recently met to discuss possible measures to improve student safety amid an increase in criminal activities near the campus.

These criminal activities often happen along the Hendrick Witbooi drive and the intersection leading to the university’s secondary gate and the Emona hostel, a route students often use to get to Baines Shopping Centre.

According to the UNAM Security team, robberies started to peak in May, which called for immediate engagement with relevant stakeholders to ensure students’ safety outside of the University premises.

Senior Superintendent at the City of Windhoek Police said that crime prevention is a community effort that requires all stakeholders’ contributions.

“Even though it is the police’s responsibility to keep everyone safe, the police cannot do it alone, we need to form a partnership with students and UNAM to close the gaps that criminals use in this area,” added Muyoba.

Superintendent at the City Police, Cillie Kapolo said forging such partnerships will speed up crime prevention measures and SRC can initiate a student safety programme that the police and UNAM security can support.

“We need to initiate a student against crime committee that will serve as a channel to listen to the safety issues of students and relay information to students about the crime trends in the area,” emphasised Kapolo.

Kapolo said through this platform, they can directly provide the contact details of the commander on shift for students to contact, should they feel endangered. “This will cut down on delays caused by contacting the call centre first,” added Kapolo.

SRC for Internal Affairs, Immanuel Simao committed to taking up initiatives to sensitise students about safety measures on and off-campus. “On behalf of the student council, we are committing that we will play our part in sensitising students and I urge UNAM Security and City Police to ensure their presence is felt, even though crime prevention is a collective effort,” added Simao.

Chairing the engagement was the Head of UNAM Security Services, Alert Mazila said that such commitments lead to improved student safety.

Safety resolutions from the meeting include intense patrol along the Hendrik Witbooi drive, initiating police sunrise operations, de-bushing the area, creating communication groups and a safety campaign.


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