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Assistance from the ILO will help make a tangible impact in employment creation says Nujoma

Assistance from the ILO will help make a tangible impact in employment creation says Nujoma

The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Utoni Nujoma recently said the assistance from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) will help the country make a tangible impact in employment creation which may bring hope to the youth.

Nujoma said this during the 110th International Labour Conference in Geneva, a statement released by the ministry on Wednesday said.

Nujoma said the support, will orient the nation in the direction of putting employment at the centre of its development.

Namibia’s development has been severely constrained by structural unemployment, however, strategies for socio and economic development with some significant progress, including in the areas of education, social protection and infrastructural development have been implemented, but the area of employment creation continued to be a challenge, he added.

The minister noted that although all-important high statements highlight the need to create employment, a concern remains, as planning to maximize employment is not embedded in most initiatives.

There has been a challenge in overcoming the silos that separate the key Ministries and institutions that need to work together to put employment at the centre of socio-economic development.

Currently, the Ministry of Labour is working with the ILO on the review and revision of the National Employment Policy and its Implementation Plan.

The Minister is hopeful that it will be instrumental if ILO includes Namibia as a pathfinder country in the Global Accelerator Initiative.

The Global Accelerator is an initiative by the United Nations and ILO that aims to help ensure global financing to create jobs and extend social protection to people currently without coverage.


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