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Innovative Entrepreneurs invited to join the Jumpstart Programme

Innovative Entrepreneurs invited to join the Jumpstart Programme

The “DoBox Jumpstart” Incubation programme was launched on 11 August with the objective of supporting talented local entrepreneurs of investment and growth readiness.

This initiative is in collaboration with DoBox and B2Gold Namibia and it brings together passionate and driven Startups that are committed to taking their business ventures to the next level.

The project is set to kick off in this month and participants of the programme will get the opportunity to receive extensive business development, incubation and mentorship support to help them grow their businesses as well as achieve investment readiness.

Ignasisu /Awaseb, Corporate Social Investment Manager at B2Gold said with an expected youth unemployment rate of 48.8% by the end of 2021, developing an entrepreneurial culture and spaces where entrepreneurship can be supported and encouraged is vital for Namibia’s growth.

“DoBox and B2Gold strive to foster a stronger entrepreneurial culture in Namibia by supporting the development of Namibian businesses through programmes that promote economic development,” he added.

Chantal Claasen, Operations Manager at Dololo said that they are excited to use a progressive approach to startup incubation and achieve measurable results.

“It is about time we start doing and showing what is possible and building businesses that can provide opportunities for other at a faster pace,” she added.

The aim of the programme is to identify, promote and mentor businesses, especially during an economically challenging time and both B2Gold and DoBox understand the important role startups play for Namibia’s economic growth and job creation efforts.

The incubation programme offers a progressive financing model to teach entrepreneurs how to do financial planning and mange their money effectively and it will consist of different phases aimed at developing startups according to the phase they are in and start ups from all sectors are welcome to hand in their application.

B2Gold and DoBox call upon all inspiring and committed entrepreneurs who would like to join in this programme to reach out by visiting

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