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What’s green, safe, and cloud-based?

The new Paratus Armada Data Center facility (DC) is impressive for its environmental integrity, its absolute security, and its focus on Africa’s digital future.

As the newest Paratus DC, Armada is the largest and most advanced data centre facility in Namibia and one of the largest in Africa

With the dawning of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the timing of Armada’s launch, in August 2022, is ideal. The Paratus Armada Data Center is just outside Windhoek and has been strategically designed as an international facility, serving customers in Namibia and its neighbouring countries.

“Our customers understand that technological advancement is critical for economic development. To participate in 4IR, they will need an independent, secure, and highly sophisticated DC facility to store and protect their data 24/7/365; house and physically protect all equipment and computer systems; and offer an array of add-on services and features such as fully-equipped boardrooms, high-quality video conferencing facilities and lightning-fast connections. The Paratus Armada DC is the safest and most secure environment for our customers’ most precious asset – their data,” explained Paratus Group, Chief Operations Officer, Schalk Erasmus.

With an eye on the future, in terms of technological advancement and protecting the planet, Paratus has considered its immediate environment.

To help mitigate the impact of the Armada DC construction site, Paratus has incorporated a large duck pond, replanted some of the trees that had to be uprooted during construction and is introducing renewable solar energy systems and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels to offset its carbon footprint.

“Companies do not need to build their facilities and by using our colocation facility means that they are helping to reduce their potential impact on the environment too. What’s more, the construction project has helped to uplift people in the area by creating employment and economic opportunities for the local community,” he added.

Cyber-attacks are rising daily, and data loss has no boundaries, therefore businesses need to be assured of security. Paratus has considered every aspect of security – including 24-hour perimeter security, facility, computer room, and cabinet controls to prevent unauthorized entry into the Armada DC.

Further security is provided within the inner layers of Armada, including battery backups, generators, cages, and data racks. Reliable and carefully monitored power supply and cooling systems ensure that optimal temperature and humidity for all equipment are maintained and designed to mitigate the loss of data due to any equipment failure caused by the lack of power or equipment overheating.

Paratus is investing N$123-million in the Armada DC, reaffirming the group’s commitment to providing Africa with limitless opportunities to thrive and profit from the 4IR.

Armada has been designed to help meet the ever-increasing need for services that will enable digital transformation and, because existing facilities in Namibia are at capacity, will help meet market demand.

“We aim to give customers what they need for their future, limitless opportunities. They realise they need to be digitally fit, and we are giving them all the backup and solutions they need to become digitally transformed” Erasmus added

Although Paratus operates its resilient fibre network that interconnects the Armada to the rest of the world, the DC is carrier-neutral, giving clients and tenants host connectivity options and freedom of choice. Please visit for more information.


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