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Environmental Investment Fund targeted by scammers

Environmental Investment Fund targeted by scammers

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) has warned the public about an investment scam doing rounds on the Telegram social media platform.

The EIF said it has come to their attention that there is a false investment scam running on Telegram, where the perpetrators or scammers promise investors N$5000 back after 3 months after they put an initial N$1000.

“The perpetrators then share the EIF website link to the victims as proof that the investment is legit and we further received a video circulation on social media of the scammers using EIF information and the video contains information of how the perpetrator, by the name of Helen Nicol on social media platform of Telegram is able to lure her victims in investing money with her and receive it later within hours by 4-5 times more,” they explained.

The video also contains a video clip of an investor who got their money out from this alleged investment and it also provides a link that the perpetual investors can use to check the company information and the company information provided by the link is that of the EIF website.

“The video also gives the investors an FNB account number of a certain Frida Nandi Taatsu Mulumbu 622692771963 or a certain Elain Cloete with a Bank Windhoek account 8002413563 where the money is to be deposited and also provides a link where potential clients give money,” they added.

The EIF said the conduct by the scammers is putting their name into disruption, as it affects the confidence of all our stakeholders and goes against the gains that the EIF has made since its inception.

“We hereby ask that our stakeholders and the public at large take precautionary measures and inform them that the EIF is in no way involved in promoting or taking investments from the public and paying it out within hours and no EIF employees is mandated to take money from the public and promise to pay it back within hours and we condemn those who are using our name to scam people of their money,” they concluded.

The public meanwhile has been urged to be on the lookout for these kinds of scams and contact EIF offices for clarity by telephone at 061 431 7700 or email at [email protected]

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