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Launched SDG Private Sector Alliance set to boost acceleration and attainment of set goals by UN Namibia

Launched SDG Private Sector Alliance set to boost acceleration and attainment of set goals by UN Namibia

The United Nations Namibia recently launched the Sustainable Development Goals Private Sector Alliance, a convergence point between the UN System in Namibia and the private sector.

The alliance will look to engage, build trust, exchange know-how and technologies, strengthen relationships, bring synergy and coherence between UN Namibia and the private sector to accelerate the SDGs and help Namibia to achieve Vision 2030 through the relevant National Development Plants (NDPs).

Mclyn Kasale, Navachab Gold Mine representative said they are looking for partnership as this gives them exposure to other organizations doing the same thing, on a coordinated platform to achieve accelerated development in the communities.

UN Namibia Resident Coordinator, Sen Pang said using the SDGs as the accepted framework, there is a need to increase convergence between business goals in alignment with the development agenda of Namibia.

UN Namibia said at the heart of this alliance is maximizing collaboration to deliver solutions and impact beyond that of a single actor or actors working independently, with UN Namibia eager to collaborate with private sector organizations who are already committed to responsible business practices in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and corruption.

“In order to inspire all businesses and organizations in attendance, the launch was creatively facilitated to scope an understanding and expectations of private sector needs in working with us. Participants were challenged with fun tools, such as the Swift 30 SDG Edition game and other thought-provoking exercises, to initiate open conversation and interaction around the interconnected and critical role the SDGs play in our everyday lives,” he added.

Pang said that establishing the SDG Private Sector Alliance illustrates a recognition that the private sector is a critical partner to achieving the SDGs, with one of the major shifts of the last 10 years being an increased underscoring of the essential role of business as a key partner in development.


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