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Zutari drives Namibia’s engineering industry since 1978

Zutari drives Namibia’s engineering industry since 1978

Engineering consulting firm, Zutari said its recent rebranding reflects its resilience, ingenuity, and determination to serve Namibia’s unique engineering needs.

Since 1978, Zutari (formerly known as Aurecon) has been committed to serve Namibia’s diverse terrain, and create impact through infrastructure across water, transport, energy, resources, and the built-environment by designing infrastructure that can withstand harsh desert conditions and implementing water management systems in rugged landscapes.

“As engineering consultants and advisors in this country of unique conditions, this commitment is underpinned by a constant drive to innovate and overcome geographical constraints,” the firm said.

Success in engineering and infrastructure advisory services is not achieved by individual efforts but through the collective work of a dedicated team in conjunction with clients and stakeholders. At Zutari, collaboration is the key to every project, driving innovation, efficiency, and success. Country Manager Blanché Hanstein-Kaber understands the significance of fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration within the Namibian team. She believes the synergy of diverse talents and perspectives leads to transformative outcomes.

The Namibian team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, expertise in multiple areas and unique experiences. The team includes civil engineers, environmental scientists, urban planners, and project managers. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, allowing Zutari to provide comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.

The team is deeply committed to engaging with local communities and fulfilling their social responsibility. They have built meaningful relationships with stakeholders and communities by prioritising inclusivity and transparency in their project development process. This approach has earned them the trust, support, and confidence of the communities they serve. Zutari’s work in Namibia extends beyond providing infrastructure solutions to underserved areas; they are also actively involved in facilitating skills development programs, thereby making a tangible difference in improving Namibians’ quality of life.

In an increasingly interconnected world, technology is vital in facilitating collaboration and communication among team members, regardless of geographical location. Zutari has access to innovative tools and platforms that enable seamless coordination and information sharing across projects. Whether virtual project management software or collaborative design platforms, Zutari leverages technology to enhance efficiency and productivity, allowing the team to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Zutari is known for its proficiency in civil engineering and infrastructure development. The team boasts specialised knowledge and experience in the mining sector. With Namibia’s rich mineral resources and a growing demand for sustainable mining practices, Zutari’s mining experts’ role is critical in supporting the industry’s growth while minimising its environmental impact and has done so for more than 100 infrastructure projects to date.

As they reintroduce themselves to the market, they are eager to partner with clients, stakeholders, and communities to create a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.


Zutari Country Manager, Blanché Hanstein-Kaber (third from left) with members of the team responsible for infrastructure projects with a significant economic impact.


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