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Making volunteerism a habit for the youth – SEE hunting for volunteers

Making volunteerism a habit for the youth – SEE hunting for volunteers

Socially Enable Education (SEE) Namibia which provides a voter and civic education to the general public, have called on volunteers to become part of their programme, which they now offer.

The volunteering programme is aimed at encouraging people to venture into volunteerism to create positive change within their communities, gain new skills and broaden their network while doing so.

Joseph Ndondi, Co-Founder of SEE Namibia said the deadline for entries is 15 November and informed the main components of the Programme is an internship with Social Enabled Education Namibia that involves delivering services and performing other related tasks under the supervision of the Regional Coordinators and the Social Volunteering Committee.

“It is worth noting that selected volunteers will form part of SEE Namibia and will be tasked with the day to day activities as such their participation is of paramount importance in the realisation of the organisation’s strategic objective,” he added.

He informed that interested youth between the ages of 16 to 35 are eligible for the programme. “As a volunteer you will work on projects aimed at empowering you, engage and work with you leaders across the various structures, get a certified volunteering recommendation letter and help to achieve SEE’s vision,” he explained.

Ndondi said volunteering will be done in two ways to allow for a more robust form of volunteering and to give people options to choose from to maximize their experience as volunteers for the organisation. “The first form of volunteering is general volunteering where the volunteers would work in the various projects and programmes the organisation would be doing, which would allow for the assimilation of volunteers into permanent structures of the organisation while gaining skills,” he said.

He said the second form of volunteering is specific volunteering when volunteers are only involved in one of the organisation’s five strategic objectives of their choice, which would allow volunteers to gain specific skills in any area of the strategic objective or any of the projects, structures of the organisation they have chosen.

SEE Namibia is a youth organisation that is aimed at youth empowerment and advocating for the participation of youth in democratic processes and the volunteering programme is a platform to encourage and enhance the participation of Namibian youth within a democratic structure.


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