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New security for Mandela Rand

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has launched a refresher campaign to mark 12 months since the introduction of the new series of Mandela banknotes on 06 November 2012.
According to a statement issues by the Bank of Namibia, SARB has introduced a new security feature in the form of little dots that will now appear on the front and back of all Mandela banknotes to coincide with the anniversary.
“Enhancing features on banknotes is an on-going process to maintain the highest level of quality and security.
This is in line with international best practice,” explained SARB Governor Gill Marcus.
Banknotes with this new security feature have been introduced this week.  All current Mandela banknotes and the “Big 5” banknotes remain legal tender in South Africa as they are in Namibia and will continue to co-circulate.
Users are encouraged to continue to look, feel and tilt the banknotes to check for a combination of security features.

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