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King Price moves in

The King, or rather formally King Price that has finally launched in Namibia. Launched in 2012, the nimble disruptor now has its sights firmly set on Namibia where it will compete against traditional well established short-term insurers.
This is part of the insurer’s plan as it plans to shake up the local insurance space, its founder Gideon Galloway was quoted in an earlier interview. “It has always been our plan to develop a full short-term insurance suit, while shaking-up global insurance practices and protocols,” explained Galloway. “The expansion into Namibia forms part of our current growth spurt to make our vision of changing the insurance landscape come to life.”
“We believe that the King Price modus operandi will capture the imaginations of Namibians and will help shake up the industry,” said van der Westhuyzen. When we recognise the truth here at King Price, we shout it out without reluctance. Therefore, we say it like it is, and that is that everything comes down to price,” he noted.
“About two years ago, I was the youngest board member of a well-established insurance organisation in Namibia and at the height of my career, but there always seemed to be something missing,” says Justinus van der Westhuyzen, the head of the local operation. “After searching for more than a year for the right partners who shared my dream, I found King Price.” “We are looking forward to growing, innovating, and constantly spreading delightful confusion, while making a real difference,” concludes the Namibian CEO.

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