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Capricorn Group backs up women’s cricket

Capricorn Group backs up women’s cricket

Capricorn Group announced on Sunday, 29 August 2021, that they have entered into an agreement with
Cricket Namibia on becoming a main sponsor of Women’s Cricket, focussing on the national women’s team and the girls festivals/tournaments & school league to develop girls’ programs.

The event took place at the Wanderers sportsfield, where Cricket Namibia hosted a Capricorn Eagles Franchise T20 competition.

The Namibian National Women’s Cricket Team is now officially named the Capricorn Eagles. During the launch ceremony, Marlize Horn, Capricorn Group’s Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs, thanked Johan Muller, CEO of Cricket Namibia, for the opportunity to collaborate. She handed over a cricket bat to symbolise the N$150,000 sponsorship.

Capricorn Group indicated that they are proud to be a partner of Cricket Namibia, whose leadership has demonstrated passion and commitment to cricket development over the years. They hope that their support of women’s cricket in Namibia will nurture the sport and increase female participation.

“We are very proud of the accomplishments of the Capricorn Eagles and look forward to seeing them soaring higher. Through our commitment of N$ 150 000 to women’s and girls’ cricket in Namibia for this year, we hope to grow enthusiasm for the sport in Namibia, but as Connectors of Positive Change, we look forward to this creating more opportunities for them. We are very proud to have the Capricorn brand, which represents Capricorn Group, Capricorn Asset Management and Capricorn Private Wealth, associated with the Namibian National Women’s Cricket Team.” Mrs Horn said.

In June 2021, Capricorn Group and its subsidiary Capricorn Asset Management and Capricorn Private Wealth sent off the Namibian National Women’s Cricket Team to the Women’s Kwibuka Tournament, which took place in Kigali, Rwanda. The Capricorn Eagles had outstanding performances, making the Namibian nation proud with a 5/5 win.

At the event, Mr Muller said, “It is an absolute privilege to have Capricorn Group as a partner. We are grateful for their support and involvement in our National Women’s team and girls school program. Upliftment of the women’s game is a key strategic focus for Cricket Namibia. Therefore, it is great to partner with a company that shares the same vision. The Capricorn Eagles train very hard and have already proved their merit. We believe that their effort will continue to show on the field.”

Cricket Namibia is known to have an excellent track record of managing the sports code professionally and efficiently and have a clear vision and strategy for developing Cricket across Namibia for girls, boys, men, and women.

Top row- Left to right: Cricket Namibia vice President, Polly Negongo; Cricket Namibia Board Member Helga Volschenk; Didi Foerster; Yasmeen Khan; Eeno Shiimi; Selma Ngolo; Eveleen Kejarakua; Bianca Manual; Mekelaye Mwatile; Maria Ngulali; Sune Wittmann; Reehana Khan; Wilka Mwatile; Lea Gomazes; Cricket Namibia CEO Johan Muller; Irene van Zyl (Captain); Sylvia Shihepo; Capricorn Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs Marlize Horn; and Capricorn Group Brand Manager, Joanie Kreft.

Bottom row – Left to right: Edelle van Zyl, Naomi Benjamin, Kayleen Green, Elice Kaukungwa, Victoria Hamunyela, Kaylee van Wyk, and Mezerly Gorases.


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