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Wildlife Vets Namibia translocates various wildlife to the DRC by road

Wildlife Vets Namibia translocates various wildlife to the DRC by road

Wildlife Vets Namibia translocated an assortment of Namibian game by road over 3000 km all the way up to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to restock a game reserve, in early August.

The organisation made the announcement on their social media platform, where they said the captured animals bound for the DRC included sables, roans, nyalas and eland.

“The animals we captured were injected with vitamins, de-wormed and vaccinated and then loaded into our wildlife trucks, plus an antidote was then given to reverse the immobilization,” they added.

Furthermore the organisation said that the big advantage of this type of capture is that they can select the animals best suited for this kind of long distance translocation, which has taught them to choose younger animals because they travel better and adapt easier in a new area.

Wildebeest, on the other hand, had to be captured in groups.

The organistation explained that they had to catch the wildebeest with a boma as this captures the entire herds which is cost effective while minimizing direct human-animal contact.

“To minimize stress, to relax the animals and to ensure that they eat during the translocation, all animals received a long acting tranquilizer before we hit the road,” they explained.

Meanwhile, the vets promised to keep the public up to date about their road trip.


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