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Schmidt and Bredenhann take laurels in Nedbank for Good golf series

Schmidt and Bredenhann take laurels in Nedbank for Good golf series

Heinrich Schmidt and Wilna Bredenhann are the champions in the Nedbank for Good Series, concluded last Friday 06 October at Omeya Golf Club. Their series victory also drew the curtain on the fundraising which saw a total of N$250,000 collected for the Rössing Foundation.

Schmidt scored 44 points to earn his top position, followed by Wietz van Niekerk (40) and Desmond D’Emiljo (38).

Among the ladies, Briedenhann matched her male counterpart’s score, also booking a cool 44 points with Claris Chipfupa and Tiekie de Wet tied in second place, each with 37.

The prize giving ceremony was held at the Nedbank campus on Friday evening where Schmidt commented “My strategy was to manage the course well and just play my normal game without taking any chances. The weather was very hot compared to the windy weather two weeks ago when I won the Windhoek leg of this tournament,” he said.

On her part, Bredenhann said she was happy with her win. “I am happy that I won today. The older I get, the better I am at this game. It was one of the best rounds of golf that I have ever played. I was struggling with my drive the past few months, but today everything fell into place.”

Both winners said playing for a charitable cause, which is supported by the Nedbank for Good Series, was the highlight of their careers as it is an enormous contribution to the lives of young Namibians.

Tournament organiser Dan Zwiebel paid tribute to all the participants, including players, managers, golf clubs across the country, caddies, groundsmen, and sponsors, among others, for contributing to this event.

Rössing Foundation Executive Director, Uparura Kuvare, said this year’s contribution received through the Nedbank for Good Series will reach the intended beneficiaries, who are all learners.

“There has been appreciation of our work in these communities, and thanks to Nedbank and the golf fraternity, we are looking forward to 2024, when we bolster our work to science-based learning in schools. We want to bring about a scheme that is expanded to reach more learners at schools. For the teachers and learners, it was a great year, and we hope the results for the 2023 examinations will be positive at the 41 schools that we reached so far,” he said.

Nedbank Namibia Head of Private Wealth, Cornell Meeks, said this year’s focus is to touch the lives of 8000 learners and 300 teachers in rural schools.

Friday’s event was the culmination of the 2023 series, which kicked off in February at Omeya. The tournament saw a total of 700 out of 1100 active golfers compete in the 10-round golf series.

Other sponsors include Pupkewitz Motors, AfricaOnline, Engen, Safintra Roofing, Gondwana Collection, CB Enterprises, Zebra Trailers, Megabuild, Windhoek Lager and Imperial.

From the left, Nedbank for Good Series Organiser, Dan Zwiebel; Rössing Foundation Executive Director, Uparura Kuvare and Nedbank Namibia Head of Private Wealth, Cornell Meeks.


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