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Local artists join global movement to save the wild cheetah

Local artists join global movement to save the wild cheetah

Local musicians Lioness, Suzy Eises and Elemotho will be teaming up with the international organisations, Conservation Music and Earthsong to support the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

The movement is on a mission to save the wild cheetah, of which only 7000 remain in the wild.

A statement released this week said said Namibia is joining the world’s fastest mammal as the first contributors to the worldwide ‘ENDANGERED’ campaign, which uses art, music and film to raise funds and awareness for disappearing animals.

“The ‘ENDANGERED’ is a series of art, music and film campaigns to raise funds for organisations that are working to protect endangered species and their habitat,” they explained.

According to the statement ENDANGERED partners Earthsong, musicians and producers all over the world are teaming up, creating anthems for the species they share space with.

“Through real-life wildlife experience, creative collaboration and partnerships with local film makers, with unique perspectives, brand new songs, music videos and web series are being produced across 18 countries all around the world,” they concluded.

According to the statement climate change is destroying the planet and the biodiversity essential to life. “If we address the climate but lose biodiversity, we have failed and therefore, we are harnessing the power of media, fine are, and crowdfunding can help protect and support the world’s most endangered species,” they added.

Meanwhile, the first content in the ENDANGERED series is currently in production and will officially launch in January 2021 and campaigns for specific causes will roll out every couple of months from countries all over the world.


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