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Art exhibition dedicated to wildlife conservation at Franco Namibian Cultural Centre gallery

Art exhibition dedicated to wildlife conservation at Franco Namibian Cultural Centre gallery

A dedicated art exhibition with the emphasis squarely on conservation, opens at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre late Monday afternoon 29 October. The works on display are a selection of the best pieces from wildlife conservation organisations as well as individual nature artists.

Hosted by the TOSCO Trust, the exhibition is a fundraiser for conservation groups that work in wildlife and biodiversity protection. These include, amongst others, the Desert Lion Conservation Project, EHRA, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, the Kwando Carnivore Project and Save the Rhino Trust.

Namibian artists, Sonia Bergh, M’kariko Amagulu, Stéphanie Périquet and Ndako Nghipandulwa, will show some of their best work that depicts conservation challenges, the issue of living with wildlife, human wildlife conflict and the very important supportive role of tourism.

Drawing attention to the overarching importance of the nine-day art show, the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre stated: “The world’s wildlife serves as a true reminder of how wonderful and useful biodiversity is; but the contemporary status of wildlife also shows how fragile our planet is.”

All the pieces on show will be for sale. All proceeds go to the TOSCO conservation projects.

The exhibition opens on Monday 29 October at 17:30 in the centre’s gallery and runs until Wednesday 07 November. Entry is free.


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